Innovative, easy-to-use features

Type font editor has been continuously developed since 2006, so it is a proven and reliable solution for small business and home users alike. The latest version boasts several innovative, easy-to use features to help you create awesome looking fonts.

Type 3.2 font converter - autotracer

Interactive autotrace: Type 3.2's unique autotracer takes the guesswork out of vectorising handwriting and drawings. Showing you a real-time preview as you adjust filter and trace settings.

Type 3.2 fontcreator - preview glyphs

Glyph and full-font preview: Get a real-time preview of characters as you edit and create.
Then view your typeface at various type sizes and line spacings with Type 3.2's full-font preview.

Type 3.2 fontcreator - variable fonts

Variable fonts (NEW!): Create and edit variable fonts with one or more axes of variation. Variable fonts allow unlimited variations of a font to be selected on the fly by the end user.

Type 3.2 fontcreator - glyph validation

Glyph validation and repair: Detect and highlight common errors and potential problems during the glyph creation process. Auto-repair function will automatically fix most issues.

Type 3.2 fontcreator - colour fonts

Colour fonts: Create, edit and convert between different colour font formats. Microsoft Layer, SVG and Apple colour font formats are all supported.

Type 3.2 font generator - glyphs wizard

Composite glyph wizard: Take the hard work out of diacritics. Type 3.2's composite glyph wizard will add accented characters to your typeface within seconds.

Type 3.2 font making software - opentype features

OpenType features: Add pre-scripted (or write your own) OpenType features, such as standard ligatures, to your font by simply clicking a check-box.

Single licensing tier

Type 3.2 has only one licensing tier - you will not have to upgrade for professional use, and will not need to spend more money to gain more features.

Free updates

Once you purchase Type 3.2, any future updates are included at no additional cost.