Type 3.2

Font creator and font editor for Windows and Mac OS X


If you are designing or editing fonts, then you want software that is compatible with the latest font technologies.

Type 3.2 provides you with an easy to use and effective solution for creating, editing and converting fonts. If you are new to font creation then Type light (freeware) is also available as your entry point into the typographic world.

CR8 Card Printing Software

ID card printing system for Windows


Personalized and creatively designed loyalty cards, membership cards, passes, tickets and luggage tags are an effective way to promote your business or club.

CR8 Card Printing Software provides you with an easy to use and flexible software package to complete your plastic card printing system.


Personalised printing for Windows, Solaris and Linux


Labels, envelopes, invitations, business cards, personalised documents. In small business, or at home, variable data printing should be easy to implement.

J-activePRESS is a data-driven printing solution for desktop laser and inkjet colour printers. It is Java-based, so it works on Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems.