Cross-platform dynamic printing

These are features available in J-activePRESS 1.0:

- Preset layouts for common Avery labels and business cards
- Data driven text and picture elements
- Shape (circle, line, rectange, square) elements
- Code 39 barcode font (numeric)
- Connection to delimited text data
- Create multiple paged documents
- User definable layout and imposition
- Sample documents: letter (variable signature), business card and labels (x2)


System requirements: Java Runtime Environment 6.0 (JRE 6).
Java 6 can be downloaded here: (Oracle)

Windows* (.exe) installer: JXPinstall.exe [1.0.0012]
Recommended for Windows operating systems.

Universal (.jar) installer: JXPinstall.jar [1.0.0012]
For all other operating systems. This installer requires Java to run.

Please visit the J-activePRESS website: for more information, and for installation instructions specific to your operating system.

*JRE 6 does not support Windows 98.
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